Like little boys locked in detention over Brexit and only Boris Johnson can get us out – Yorkshire Post letters

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

How long will Boris Johnson last as Prime Minister?

BORIS Johnson or whoever attempts to negotiate Brexit will find the same intransigence that has defied his predecessors.

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We have been truly stitched up – and as professionally and as comprehensively as a Savile Row suit.

Boris Johnson remains the frontrunner in the Tory leadership contest.

There is no benefit in Brussels budging from their current position; they almost luxuriate in this very pleasant comfort zone that keeps intact the federalising ambition of the founding fathers.

We are like little boys locked in detention. It’s almost on a par with moving the entire Great Wall of China two miles south in gaining any decent concession.

Shamefully, it was a succession of past premiers who were responsible for entrapping us in the organisation. Maastricht 1992, Amsterdam 1997, Nice 2001 and Lisbon 2007 were treaties that sealed us deeper into the Brussels’ political catacombs.

Most of the PMs, especially Tony Blair, flattered by the rarefied air of Brussels’ upper circles and fearful of being the odd man out in such exalted company, surrendered our democratic heritage in those ever more constrictive treaties.

And now the only chance of escape from this manipulative, self-serving, Byzantine institution is to resolutely press for a no-deal conclusion. But clearly it will take a very courageous, dexterous and economically capable politician to achieve this end in a way to minimise inevitable collateral damage. We have, therefore ,to live in hope that Boris Johnson can disprove the liberal establishment’s sceptical, scoffing conception of his ability and character and deliver the near impossible.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

IF he had not quit, Boris Johnson’s first act, as PM, would have been to sack Sir Kim Darroch for the serious damage he has done to Britain’s relations with the United States.

Darroch may not have leaked his catastrophic comments to the press, but he still is the source and had to pay the price.

The Trump administration may have stumbled along at first, but the way things are shaping up, I can see Trump being rated as the greatest ever US president.

From: Thomas Reed, Harrogate.

THE UK ambassador made very reasonable remarks about President Donald trump’s White House regime. It is what he is paid to do. The real question – unanswered – is the motivation of the person who leaked the memos. That should be the focus of attention.