OAP flooding victims and heartache after car vandals strike – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster.

Rescuers pull a boat through Fishlake at the height of last month's floods.

A FEW weeks ago while being flooded out of our home after the Fishlake floods, we had no electricity and no heating. There was no water in our house and it was very cold.

We decided to stop at the Travel Lodge at the M18/
M180 Services for a couple of nights.

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Residents in flood-hit Fishlake are trying to rebuild their lives - while falling victims to crime.

We came out on the second morning to find our car with all the windows on the driver’s side damaged – whoever tried
to break in had used a screwdriver and bent the metal around all the windows on the driver’s side.

I don’t know just exactly what this criminal expected to find in a 12-year-old Peugeot. He ended up smashing the quarter-light window which set off the alarm, which scared him off and left me with two big windows with six or seven cracks running right across them and a quarter-light with a piece of plastic to keep the wind and rain out.

He has managed to make it too expensive to repair. We are not young and expected it to last us a couple of years more, so I hope this individual is very proud of himself. I would like to point out that Travel Lodge staff were in no way to blame for any of this. There is no security at all. There is a camera on one of the lamp posts, which apparently doesn’t work.