Queen's Speech let down families by failing to provide help with the cost of living crisis - The Yorkshire Post says

The Queen’s Speech that the Prince of Wales delivered outlined some 38 laws that the Government wishes to enact in the coming Parliament.

And while some of these measures are carried over from the previous term the nonetheless cover some extensive ground.

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill will afford local councils in Yorkshire and elsewhere more powers over planning, empowering them in just one instance to compel landlords to let out empty shops to improve the appearance of our high streets.

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The Seafarers Remuneration Bill will allow ports to prevent ferries belonging to companies that do not pay the minimum wage to dock, a clear response to the shameful conduct of P&O Ferries. And the Online Safety Bill should better regulate the content web users have access to, a law that will prevent the spread of misinformation.

The Queen's SpeechThe Queen's Speech
The Queen's Speech

What was most important however was not what was included in the Queen’s Speech but rather what was not.

With the UK now in the midst of its worst cost of living crisis in decades, there was not a single bill that could bring comfort to the millions of families facing bills for energy and food that are simply unaffordable.

Such a move would have brought comfort to millions of families but instead the Government effectively ignored the suffering that exists.

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Instead it did find room for the Media Bill, established to enable the highly unpopular and politically motivated plan to privatise Channel 4.

Government priorities need to change from its own agenda to that of the country’s.