Remainers should ditch ‘Little Englanders’ insults over Brexit – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Les Arnott, Athelstan Road, Sheffield.

Boris Johnson intends to lead Britain out of the EU on January 31.

I STAND amazed that the absurd term ‘Little Englanders’ is still being bandied about.

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It has been used with pathetic frequency to take a free shot at those who have had the effrontery to see through the dishonesty of the European Union.

The Brexit debate has led to phrases like 'little Englander' becoming commonplace.

As name-calling, it is puerile, abusive, petty-minded and wickedly inaccurate.

Are so many Remainers 
blind to the fact that the UK is now going to be a fully global economy rather than being limited to the strait jacket of a limited, inward-looking customs union?

Can they not see that we shall still be trading with our friends across the Continent? They certainly make it sound as if they are unable to grasp the most basic of concepts.

Who will replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader?

We are moving away from being a vassal state to enjoying true sovereign status.

Never have there been more exciting, optimistic times over my many decades.

From: Roy Turner, Hollybank Avenue, Upper Cumberworth.

CLASSING myself as a floating voter, I went for Boris Johnson. The best bet is to get out of the EU. Now the work has to begin. All MPs who cannot support Brexit should resign or be deselected, we need everyone working together now.

Can I suggest a referendum on HS2? See if we can stop the waste of billions on this ‘white elephant’. The money saved would help tremendously towards new hospitals.

From: Terry Palmer, Barnsley.

POOR old Jeremy Corbyn comes out with the statement of the New Year when he says after losing the election: “We have built a movement. We are the resistance to Boris Johnson. We will be campaigning every day. We will be on the front line, both in Parliament and on the streets.”

Do we take that to mean he will be fighting and resisting the thousands of once proud Labour supporting people who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for him and his party?

From: Shaun Kavanagh, Leeds.

ANYONE can understand why Labour failed with Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott at the helm, so it doesn’t need the likes of Ed Miliband to be involved in any review.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

IT speaks volumes about the toxicity that it is endemic within Labour that moderate, and able, Yorkshire MPs like Rachel Reeves and Dan Jarvis don’t appear to be standing for the leadership.