Scarborough's Grand Hotel: Your verdict on 'Fawlty Towers of North'

"A hotel where you have to clean the bath before your bath."

This is what you had to say about your experiences of Scarborough's Grand Hotel
This is what you had to say about your experiences of Scarborough's Grand Hotel

Readers of The Yorkshire Post have offered a damning verdict on Scarborough's Grand Hotel.

Their comments came after it emerged that Scarborough Council is seeking talks with Britannia Hotels, who own the iconic building, about its deteriorating reputation.This is a selection of the feedback from Twitter.

@gregwrightYP. We stayed there once. ‘Once’ being the operative word.

@KatrinaCliffe. I remember my husband taking me here 16 years ago while pregnant with my first child thinking the name meant it would be ‘grand’. It was a state back then and I seriously thought I would end up ill.

@EasingwoldPaul. And about a billion pound spending on it. But could, and should, be one of Britain’s greatest hotels.

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@lumpybird. I stayed one night 12 years ago in a mouldy rank room that stunk of damp.

@tonyfarmery. This was so majestic when we were young. Butlins exclusive place out of reach for us commoners. What a shame what it has become. It needs saving.

@smartcookiesam. What a shame. Such an iconic building and part of Scarborough’s landscape. I’ve never stayed there but I’ve heard it went massively downhill – even before the pandemic.

@Logical1966. It’s ghastly. Foul. They’ve let it run into the ground.

@stephlou05. It needs a huge amount of money to take it back to its glory days...stayed a couple of years ago and it was pretty awful. It has such potential with the right investment.

@shakusbakus. Stayed there two weeks ago, the owners have clearly accepted its current condition for what it is. Lovely building though from the outside.

@PinderPhil. It’s cheaper than a budget hotel. On that pricing model, it will never be able to raise cash to invest.

@Michael89319164. And where my grandad was recuperating from his ear wounds on VE Day.

@Ian_in_Mcr. I didn’t have to read beyond the headline to know which company owns it.

@teninchwheels. James Herriot spent some of his RAF service guarding it during WW2.

@littlearfer. When you have to clean the bath before you have a bath shows the standard.

@beki1412. Went to Scarborough every year as a kid. Dreamed of being in the Grand. Went on romantic weekend as an adult and it was a sad, sad, smelly, tatty place. Criminal how she’s been treated.

@ianrobertgilmo1. Too big and would cost far too much to bring up to date.

@Keithhutch30. The rule of thumb – never stay in a Britannia-owned hotel.

@HCE_Jamie. It was indeed shocking to stay at but also sad that it has had such a fall.

@CramptonNigel. Definitely needs some love.

@AntJack81. Britannia and its executives need to be banned from operating hotels.

@Alouema2. This company just keeps running despite every property/camp it owns being utterly awful, how the hell do they do it?