Sheffield's Tree City of the World win is a victory for city's campaigners - The Yorkshire Post says

The cliché that good things come to those who wait will have been of little comfort at the time to those brave Sheffield protestors who campaigned so hard to save the city’s trees from being unnecessarily felled by the council’s hopeless policy.

However, with the news that Sheffield has been officially recognised as a Tree City of the World has proven vindication for all those residents who risked their liberty to prevent the city’s streets being desecrated.

Sheffield was given the designation thanks to the new strategy put in place following a long-running dispute about the felling of thousands of trees.

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The award represents a genuine example of people power in the face of adversity. Many people were arrested trying to protect healthy trees being cut down. Others faced intimidation.

Tree protestors rally from Devonshire Green to Barkers Pool in Sheffield on Saturday October 21st 2017. Picture: Chris Etchells

Now, Sheffield has been recognised internationally for its street trees, one of only 180 worldwide. Their bravery was not in vain.