Thank you to dedicated NHS staff on duty in A&E every day - Yorkshire Post letters

From: B Thornton, Castleford.

What will be the future of public services like the NHS under Boris Johnson?
What will be the future of public services like the NHS under Boris Johnson?

In view of the recent negative comments about our local Accident and Emergency Departments, am I the only person with a positive story?

The other week, having spoken to our family doctor, my family were advised to take me straight to Accident and Emergency, at Pinderfields, in Wakefield.

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We arrived at the car park at 11.30am. I checked into reception and was triaged.

A reader has written in support of Pinderfields Hospital. Photo: SWNS

Within 35 minutes, I was having a consultation about my condition.

After initial tests, I was told the blood test would take about one hour.

Approximately one hour later, I was led to a cubicle, assessed and informed that they may need me to stay overnight.

Pinderfields Hospital has been working flat out this Christmas to treat patients. Photo: SWNS

After about 40 minutes, I was taken to the X-ray department for a chest X-ray, CT scan and another blood test.

Back at the cubicle I waited a while for the consultant to return with the news that the X-ray tests and the CT scan were clear and therefore there was no need to keep me in hospital for further tests. In view of my symptoms, I was given a prognosis and prescribed a course of medication with further appointments to be made as soon as possible.

The wait at pharmacy was about 20 minutes. We got back to the car park at 4.30pm.

What wonderful treatment on the NHS!

Thank you to all the dedicated and professional staff on duty at the A&E department that day – and every day.

From: Mr L Brook, Rothwell, Leeds.

THE present governmental system is not fit for purpose.

For at least 30 years, each successive government has underfunded most major institutions like the NHS, emergency services and the justice system.

Their incompetence includes their ignorance of the steady growth of the population so we are now left with too few hospitals, care homes, prisons and the consequent need for workers therein. The major institutions are not playthings for the politicians to use their personal views to tamper with – for example Brexit.

Such institutions are controlled by qualified persons who, alone, know best how to cope fully with today’s needs, but the continuing and growing needs.

They should be able to present their full requirements.

All the future elected governments should be able to accept these requirements and costs, and agree a future plan.