Time to dispel myths, the Yorkshire public backs wind power - YP Letters

From: Michal Carter, Exeter. Clark Cross (The Yorkshire Post, May 6) doubts public support for wind turbines because he thinks the survey was commissioned by vested interests.

Maybe he will be more confident in the UK Government survey based on 3,700 people.

The most recent concluded that 80 per cent of people were supportive of onshore wind with only four per cent opposed, the rest undecided.

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Renewable energy in general does even better, with 86 per cent support, with solar the most popular at 90 per cent.

Wind Turbines

The surveys are conducted quarterly and give consistent results, ruling out sampling errors. Since that survey, the UK, along with 195 counties, has signed off the latest IPCC report agreeing that averting climate change is possible, that acting urgently is required, that delay will be more expensive and that halving emissions by 2030 is achievable and necessary.

What has also changed is that, due to the lift in Government price caps on energy, the financial case for renewables has never been more important.

The criticality of dealing with climate change on future generations is being overshadowed by other events.

Public support for more energy-saving measures and renewables could be even stronger if the consequences of inaction were more evident.