Why HS2 should take precedence over Tory tax cuts – Yorkshire Post letters

From: Nigel Davies, London.

The HS2 construction site near Euston as the Government considers whether to scrap high-speed rail.

RICHARD Wellings and the Institute of Economic Affairs favour tax cuts over HS2 (The Yorkshire Post, August 24).

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Its demand to scrap HS2 is not about transport, of which it clearly knows little. It is all about cutting taxes – and you are well aware that these will hugely disproportionately aid the 
South, especially abolishing inheritance tax, capital gains tax and stamp duty on higher priced properties.

HS2 continues to divide political and public opinion.

The IEA’s public positions are:

It considers that HS3 is a white elephant;

It considers that Northern Powerhouse Rail is a vanity project;

It considers the West Yorkshire/Leeds Mass Transit project is a vanity project.

I have a feeling that it would deem that a new bus shelter in the North would be major capital investment.

On Ridge on Sunday, Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester, made it clear that the North would not stand back and let HS2 be scrapped. He rightly indicated that there would be a huge fight against any such proposals from the Government.

Hopefully Power up The North will also make it clear that the days of being treated as second best, and being of deprived of investment for decades to fund tax cuts, are over.