Yorkshire must value its hotels and tourism industry this summer - The Yorkshire Post says

As the UK frets over which overseas destinations may be added to its so-called travel “green list”, this summer offers a chance for Yorkshire businesses - families, that is - to recoup losses from the last year.

Whitby is a top Yorkshire tourist destination. Picture: Tony Johnson.
Whitby is a top Yorkshire tourist destination. Picture: Tony Johnson.

So the news that four North Yorkshire hotels have been saved from administration and will reopen over the coming weeks, creating more than 120 jobs, is reassuring and incredibly welcome.

The Hotel St George in Harrogate, the Royal Hotel in Whitby and the New Southlands and Norbreck hotels, both in Scarborough, are set to reopen as part of the Coast & Country Hotel Collection.

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Here’s hoping that these reopenings are just one of many success stories for the region’s battered tourism industry in the run-up to and after they are able to greet customers from May 17 at the earliest.

It would only be right to make sure that these businesses are fully booked throughout the summer after such a torrid and uncertain year. If recent reports are anything to go by, it will be locals ensuring that is the case: it was revealed earlier this month that nearly three quarters of Yorkshire holidaymakers are thinking about taking a vacation in the region after enjoying exploring their own area in lockdown.

Reports from before the pandemic showed that tourism was worth £9bn a year to Yorkshire’s economy and responsible for the livelihoods of so many. Communities had been revitalised, but the pandemic cruelly intervened.

This region famously loves to vaunt itself - and has become a ‘brand’ in recent years - but if that’s to continue then we must value our own hosts.