Partial damages for man injured by police squad car

A MAN whose foot and ankle were accidentally crushed by a pursuing squad car won a partial victory today in his bid to claim damages from the police.

Michael Henry was seeking 600,000 compensation from Thames Valley Police over the August 2004 incident, which occurred after he drove his motorcycle home from a party.

He was injured when his right leg became trapped under the front wheel of the vehicle after he dismounted from the bike in the grounds of his home in Penn Street, near Amersham, Bucks.

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His claim was dismissed by a judge at Reading County Court in March last year, who said the police officer had not driven negligently.

But the Court of Appeal in London overturned that ruling and said Mr Henry should recover 40 per cent of any damages.

Lady Justice Smith said the police driver was negligent, but added Mr Henry was 60 per cent to blame, as he had behaved "culpably and very foolishly" in seeking to evade police.The amount of the award will be assessed at a later date if not agreed.