5G phone mast plans: Developer loses battle to install 17m high phone mast in 'beautiful' Yorkshire neighbourhood

Cornerstone has lost its battle against Sheffield Council to build a phone mast where local residents are exhausted by noise pollution.

The mobile infrastructure company wanted to build a 17.5 metre high mast with associated cabinets at land adjacent to Groundsman’s House, on Shirecliffe Road.

The council refused permission so Cornerstone appealed.

But the planning inspector also ruled against them, saying it would cause significant harm to the character and appearance of the area.

Developer loses battle for ‘cluttered’ phone mast in ‘beautiful’ Sheffield neighbourhoodDeveloper loses battle for ‘cluttered’ phone mast in ‘beautiful’ Sheffield neighbourhood
Developer loses battle for ‘cluttered’ phone mast in ‘beautiful’ Sheffield neighbourhood
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They added there was already approval for a 20 metre mast near the site and another would look “cluttered and congested”.

A council officer said: “The [planning] inspector considered that the mast would be significantly taller than the existing vertical structures already present, greater in thickness and a noticeably different shape.

“The mast would protrude above trees and be visible from long range views along the straight highway.

“The grey colour would also accentuate the mast and increase its prominence.

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“The mast would therefore be out of context with the surrounding low scale form of development.”

There were two objections by local residents to the plans.

One couple, who live on the nearby Standish Drive, said: “When we moved into our home 31 years ago we had a lovely view out of our windows and gradually over the years we have to put up with many metal erections being put up and we have had to complain numerous times about the horrendous noise coming from these cabinets.

“At times and for months we endured endless sleepless nights because of the loud humming noise caused by these boxes.

“ Myself and my husband have to be up for work everyday at 5am and were totally exhausted after suffering for months with noise pollution caused by these machines.”