Aldi Prime Yorkshire: Watch video as hundreds queue from 5am at Aldi stores for £1.99 drink

Yorkshire residents have queued for almost three hours this morning to be first in line to buy a £1.99 bottle of Prime.

The energy drink launched by KSI and Logan Paul has become an internet sensation.

In video footage shown to The Yorkshire Post (attached), queues stretch across the store at 8am when doors were opened.

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According to the eyewitness, all stock was sold within ten minutes with customers limited to one bottle of each flavour.

Queues started to form at 5am this morningQueues started to form at 5am this morning
Queues started to form at 5am this morning

"Around 8:10 I heard them saying they were running out”, he added.

Aldi announced they would begin selling the drinks as of this morning.

Fans of KSI and Logan Paul rushed to queue outside the stores.

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Many waited in cars from around 5am according to social media.

The video provided to The YP was taken at the Thornbury story in Bradford.

Hundreds turned up to try and get their hands on a bottle.

More to follow.