'Cheeky' terrier stuck underground for seven hours after disappearing down badger sett during Yorkshire walk

Plug the terrier spent seven hours underground after disappearing down a badger sett while out for a walk with his owner in South Yorkshire.

Plug the Terrier peeking out of the badger sett
Plug the Terrier peeking out of the badger sett

Plug was out walking with his owner on Saturday morning (24 July) in Mosborough, near Sheffield, when he disappeared at around 8am.

His owner was able to hear him in the hole - which he suspected to be a badger sett, which are legally protected - but was unable to see Plug and called the RSPCA.

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RSPCA inspector Sandra Dransfield said: “He called us for assistance and we advised him to keep calling and use some smelly, tasty treats to try to encourage the little terror out.

“I went to the scene to establish whether the hole was an active badger sett, which it clearly was, and explained that there are rules around interfering with setts.

“His owner briefly left the scene to return home and get some more treats and, while I was chatting to a colleague and fellow wildlife officer about the situation, a nose popped out of the hole!”

Plug had been underground without a sighting for seven hours by this point and Sandra was keen to get him back above the surface.

“He disappeared again but, with lots of calling and yummy treats, he thankfully came back to the surface and the cheeky little terrier poked his head out. I managed to grab him and check him over."

When the terrier emerged from the hole, he was very dirty and had a puncture wound to his muzzle, but fortunately he was otherwise fine.

“I called his owner and he immediately returned and was thrilled to have Plug back safe and sound. He was very relieved and took him to the vets for treatment for the wound," Ms Dransfield said.