"Do we need a bike race?": What you really think of the Tour de Yorkshire

The fifth Tour de Yorkshire race is over - but what do the public really think of the showcase cycling event?

Tour de Yorkshire decorations in Pontefract

This year the Tour took place in the dark shadow of the Sir Gary Verity expenses scandal which has engulfed race organisers Welcome to Yorkshire - who conceived the event as an annual tribute to the legacy of the Tour de France's Grand Depart in 2014 and to boost cycle tourism.

An environmental protest against Team Ineos, who are sponsored by a chemicals firm involved in fracking, in Doncaster also overshadowed the cycling itself, while poor weather marred the occasion too.

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Questions have now been asked about whether the income from the Tour has been appropriately directed to improving cycling infrastructure in the area for everyday commuters as well as 'cycle tourists'.

Here's what Yorkshire Post readers think of the Tour de Yorkshire

Lisa Tedstill: "Not for me, but if it brings tourism then that’s a good thing. I hate the name though, as it devalues the event."

Janet Hopgood: "Love to see all the decorations on the route. Really proud of Yorkshire."

Geoff Wright: "Yorkshire needs as many tourists as we can get - they will keep coming back."

Phil Winston: "Looking great on TV around the world. Old mates in China were tuned in and glued to the great countryside and racing."

Gary Elliss: "Think we should be proud - not everything is about money."

Suzanne Linthwaite: "Most of us Yorkies love our county and want to share it with the world, but do we need a bike race?"

Neil Pennock: "Superb coverage of God’s Own County from ITV4 of what is growing into a must-do race for top riders. Great advert for Yorkshire!"

Glen Turner: "Not sure about value but it brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of people."

Karl Stone: "It’s good but too centred around Leeds. Time to come through Wakefield and Ossett for once."

Janet Roberts: "Couldn’t attract that amount of people with TV ads. Harrogate was buzzing."

Graham Walker: "As long as they keep it away from where I live for the next few years. I will be happy Couldn’t get to work for the last couple of years due to road closures.

Richard Widdison: "Only downside is the legacy of middle-aged Lycra-clad men and women riding three abreast holding up traffic at weekends."

Sarah Widdowson: "Why should anything go towards cycle paths? As for businesses closing in Harrogate because of the race, it is difficult enough getting into Harrogate on a normal day which is enormously off putting."