Dog walking and exercise field in Yorkshire countryside refused permission due to 'isolated' location

North Yorkshire Council has refused the development of a dog walking and exercising field on Greenlands Farm in Bridlington due to its isolated location.

North Yorkshire Council has said that plans for a dog walking and exercising field on Greenlands Farm, Scarborough Road, Bridlington cannot go ahead due to its “isolated and unsustainable location”.

Concerns were also raised that the proposal would promote “unnecessary car journeys to and from the site”.

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Planning officers said that whilst open land was needed for such a development, they did not consider that the use of a countryside location had been adequately justified.

Proposed dog walking field, Scarborough RoadProposed dog walking field, Scarborough Road
Proposed dog walking field, Scarborough Road

Officers were “not satisfied that the proposed use requires such an isolated position in the countryside”.

The loss of agricultural land was also cited as a reason for refusal in a report prepared by the council.

The Highway Authority did not object but the report states that the proposed parking area is “extensive” and whilst six vehicle parking spaces are detailed “the area could accommodate many more vehicles”.

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It adds: “There is extent of the hardstanding area has not been adequately justified.”

Whilst the diversification for the agricultural business was considered to have “moderate weight”, officers decided that “the farm diversification does not outweigh the concerns regarding the unsustainable location”.

Officers concluded that as the proposed development was in an “isolated and unsustainable location” and that the proposal would result in vehicle use with “no potential for more sustainable modes of transport being utilised”.

In refusing the scheme, North Yorkshire Council said: “It was not considered that the reasons for refusal could be overcome by negotiation or through planning conditions.”

Timothy Coleman’s application was rejected on Monday, March 11.

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