E10 checker: Here is a list of the most popular car models that are incompatible with E10 petrol

E10 petrol was first introduced in Great Britain on September 1, but which popular car brands are incompatible with the new fuel? A car expert explains.

Which popular car models are incompatible with E10 fuel? (Pic credit: Scott Merrylees)

E10 petrol is thought to be more environmentally friendly than the previous E5 standard fuel, due to consisting of 10 per cent renewable ethanol, which aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

However, it is also thought to be incompatible with certain car models older than 2011 - you can check if your car is compatible by visiting the gov.uk website.

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Data compiled by the car rental company, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, shows that around 600,000 to 700,000 cars across the UK are incompatible with the new E10 petrol.

Which car models are incompatible with E10?

The data found nine of the most popular brands of cars which are incompatible.

1. Volkswagen Golf (28,066 registered in the UK)

2. Madza MX-5 (18,162 registered in the UK)

3. Nissan Micra (15,785 registered in the UK)

4. Morris Minor (12,796 registered in the UK)

5. Rover 25 (9,879 registered in the UK)

6. MG MGF (9,352 registered in the UK)

7. Ford Escort (8,947 registered in the UK)

8. Rover Mini (7,614 registered in the UK)

9. MG TF (7,568 registered in the UK)

What should you do if you put E10 petrol in your incompatible vehicle?

The company director, Keith Hawes, reassures that there is no cause for concern if you accidentally put E10 fuel into an incompatible vehicle. The consequences are much dire if you were to put diesel into your unleaded car.

Hawes provides some advice on what to do in this situation: “It shouldn’t be a problem if this is a one off but, if you were to repeatedly use E10 on incompatible car models, the impact could really damage your vehicle’s engine in the long run.”

“Aside from the popular vehicle models we’ve listed, classic car owners are likely to be the most heavily impacted by the introduction of E10 fuel. Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick fix for older car models which will now be deemed incompatible with E10.

“Owners will be faced with the decision to either spend time finding a petrol station (that still offers E5) or contemplate shelling out on a newer car model.

“We haven’t yet seen moves by the government, or DVLA, to proactively make individual owners of these older vehicles aware of the changes. So, in the meantime we strongly advise that motorists go to the government’s E10 checking tool to make sure their car is compatible with the new biofuel to avoid any expensive damage to their cars.”