Greeters Guild: Watch hilarious viral TikTok video filmed outside Harrogate’s Wetherspoons

A video has gone viral on TikTok after a smartly-dressed comedian decided to welcome unexpecting punters into a Yorkshire pub.

Milo McCabe, who goes under the pseudonym Troy Hawke set up the #GreetersGuild on social media where he pops up at unlikely venues such as supermarkets, events and now Wetherspoons.

If any ‘Spoons was worthy of a visit from an upmarket meet-and-greeter, it’s the Harrogate branch.

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In a recent stint, Milo headed to North Yorkshire to stand outside the pub.

Greeters Guild: Comedian greets unexpected customers to WetherspoonsGreeters Guild: Comedian greets unexpected customers to Wetherspoons
Greeters Guild: Comedian greets unexpected customers to Wetherspoons

“Welcome to Wetherspoons sir, have a wonderful time,” says Milo in the video which has now been viewed 6.1 million times on Tiktok and 1.3 million times on Twitter.

The first person to be welcomed by Milo, replied: “Eh? Ok mate, cheers.”

Dressed in his signature long purple jacket with a black belt tie, the hilarious Milo, adopts a posh accent.

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He said to the next customer entering the establishment: “It’s fish Friday and our rods are quivering.”

Welcome to WetherspoonsWelcome to Wetherspoons
Welcome to Wetherspoons
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Milo also made an effort to compliment customers and to wish them farewell.

“I hope everything is up to your high standards. You look terrific sir everything is ironed and colour coordinated. The pair of you.”

Milo had been candidly filming the interactions for his popular Tiktok channel @Troy_Hawke.

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To the next customer, he said: “You won’t want to leave. And our sticky carpets won’t let you.”

The comedian who stood outside the Winter Gardens branch on Parliament Street added to confused looking customers.

“A great place to make memories. Our coffee is limitless and volcanic, just hold on to your cup.”

Since posting the video, Tiktok users have been begging comedian Milo to stand outside their local Wetherspoons to put a smile on people’s faces.