International Beer Day: Where to get 'the best pint in the world' - and it’s in Yorkshire

Beer-lovers rejoice as the first Friday in August marks International Beer Day. But what is International Beer Day? And where can you get the best beer in Yorkshire?

One of the world's most popular Dad bloggers has said the best pint in the world can be found in Yorkshire.

Sunday Times Bestselling Author Matt Coyne, of Man Vs Baby, said: “I love Yorkshire beer.

“I can't think of a better pint in the world than Bradfield Brewery and their Belgian Blue they do at Christmas and their Farmers Blonde.”

International Beer Day

The Barnsley-based blogger, who transformed his viral social media posts into best-selling books worldwide, said he always looks forward to coming home because of the food, beer and people.

He added: “I love the food in Yorkshire. I love the people in Yorkshire. There is nowhere quite like it.”

What is International Beer Day?

International Beer Day raises a toast to brewers, pint-pullers and fellow beer fans, all who celebrate together to rejoice in the greatness of.

This global celebration of beer takes place in pubs, breweries, homes and backyards all over the world.

Where to get the best beer in Yorkshire?

From Yorkshire Brewing Company to Yorkshire Heart, Quirky Ales and Northern Monk Brewery, Yorkshire is home to many breweries large and small, with dedicated beer festivals proving popular again following the pandemic.

Some of people’s favourite breweries to grab their favourite pints from are Blacksheep Brewery, Cold Bath Brewing Company, Magic Rock, Brew York and Cropton Brewery according to TripAdvisor.

For those wanting to sample a selection of beers, Chris Chrimshaw, 67, said: “There is a beer shop called Yorkshire Craft Beers at the Old Mill in Castleford with almost 200 varieties and it's fabulous.”

But of all the beers to sample, beer fan Pete Hirst said “You can’t beat North Riding Beer from a brewery in Scarborough.”