John Travolta Norfolk: Why was the Grease actor at a Morrisons in Norfolk, what is he filming and how did locals react?

Many Norfolk locals have spotted the Pulp Fiction actor at various places in Norfolk, including having a drink at Wetherspoons and shopping in Morrisons.

Norfolk locals were stunned to find the Hollywood star casually shopping and wandering around the rural county on the weekend of April 3.

The actor, who has previously won two Oscars, was seen shopping at a Morrisons in the town of Fakenham in north Norfolk, where he posed for photos with fans.

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He was also seen drinking in a Wetherspoon called The Romany Rye in the village of Dereham.

John Travolta was spotted in Norfolk this week. (Pic credit: Sarah Morris / Getty Images)

Travolta also shared a video on Instagram of him with his daughter, Ella, enjoying an afternoon tea to celebrate her 22nd birthday.

Why was John Travolta in Norfolk?

According to Travolta’s post, the actor was in Norfolk to shoot a short film called ‘The Shepherd’.

The film is based on a 1975 novel by the thriller writer Frederick Forsyth.

The plot is about a jet pilot travelling home on Christmas Eve in 1957 when his plane suffers an electrical failure and gets lost in fog.

The pilot then comes across a fighter-bomber plane which has been sent to shepherd his plane home.

Most of the story focusses on the first pilot’s efforts to find the pilot who rescued him.

Travolta, who is an aviation enthusiast himself and licensed pilot, has previously mentioned that this book is one of his favourites as it personifies the two planes.

The filming for The Shepherd is currently taking place at Raynham Hangar Studios in West Raynham, Norfolk, a former airbase.

How did Norfolk locals react?

Travolta went viral on social media with locals sharing their selfies with the Hollywood actor.

Twitter users took to social media to express their joy at John Travolta visiting a Morrisons and Wetherspoon.

Twitter user @Luisa47132714 said: “Bloody hell John Travolta in Norfolk filming a mini film. Went to Wetherspoons for a burger n brownie then shopping in Morrisons. Selfies all the way n even signed some sausage rolls. That has made my evening. Money isn’t everything to the rich.”

@AmiHIreland said: “Apparently, John Travolta popped into our local Morrisons today.”

“Just feels strange saying John Travolta popped into Morrisons.”

@cdaly72 said: “John Travolta popping into Wetherspoons and Morrisons in Norfolk is the news I needed to cheer me up on what has been a stressful day.”

@Miarose_fern said: “I can’t believe John Travolta is dipping about Norfolk at the moment going to Morrisons and stuff I hope I bump into him.”

@barnaclebear said: “John Travolta is currently filming in Norfolk and is causing chaos by randomly showing up in places like Morrisons and Wetherspoons. It’s absolutely incredible.”

@shopaholicsuze said: “John Travolta visiting Wetherspoons and Morrisons in Norfolk is the funniest thing I’ve seen today.”