‘Kind’ Yorkshire villager rescues young swan after it crash landed on her street

A “kind” woman rescued a swan after the bird crash landed on a residential street in Yorkshire.

Upon discovering the young swan on her street in the village of Holme on Spalding Moor, the resident was able to usher the bird into the safety of her garden.

She then contacted Yorkshire Swan & Wildlife Rescue Hospital who were able to rescue the swan, and transport it to the sanctuary for the evening.

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Yorkshire Swan & Wildlife Rescue Hospital shared the heartwarming story of the rescue on their Facebook page.

The swan after his dramatic landing on a residential street (Photo: Yorkshire Swan & Wildlife Rescue Hospital via Facebook)

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In the comments section, the woman who found the swan wrote: “I hope he makes a full recovery from his trauma tonight although I miss him - he looked so much at home in my garden”.

To find out more about Yorkshire Swan & Wildlife Rescue Hospital, or support the charity’s work, visit this link: http://ysrh.org.uk/index.html