Langsett Reservoir: Petition launched against new parking charges at Yorkshire beauty spot not served by public transport

A petition is set to be launched in a bid to halt proposed parking charges at a popular beauty spot in South Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Water has lodged a planning application with the Peak District National Park for ANPR cameras and payment machines at Langsett Barn car park - popular with visitors to Langsett Reservoir.

Yorkshire Water say the charges will help to fund a ranger team to tackle safety concerns like swimming and barbecues.

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However, Labour’s canidate for Penistone and Stocksbridge has opposed the plans – and has called for the scheme to be withdrawn, citing concerns around the effects on local businesses.

Langsett ReservoirLangsett Reservoir
Langsett Reservoir
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Marie Tidball said: “Langsett village and surroundings is a stunning area of natural beauty and should be for everybody in our community and beyond to enjoy. In the current cost of living crisis these parking charges will stop people from accessing one of our biggest local treasures, and prevent them from enjoying the wide range of benefits that we get from venturing out into the Peaks.

“To add insult to injury there are currently no public transport services to Langsett reservoir, and with further Tory bus cuts on the horizon our communities in Stocksbridge, Midhopestones, Penistone, Millhouse and Thurlstone are set to be even further isolated.

“We’re calling on Yorkshire Water to withdraw their plans for parking charges so our community can enjoy the stunning nature on our doorstep without charge, as it should be.”

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A petitoon, which will be available on Marie’s website, will be sumbited to Yorkshire Water before the Peak District National Park closes its public consultation on August 19.

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Water said: “We are introducing parking charges to fund our first in-house ranger team. Our sites are in need of a ranger team to tackle safety concerns like swimming and barbecues (as they pose a fire threat), deter anti-social behaviour, as well as to make repairs to sites and preserve wildlife habitats.

“We will carefully monitor the impact of the charges during the trial period and take on-board feedback from the local authorities and stakeholders.”