Lifeguards rescue a dozen people who were caught in rip currents at Whitby

A dozen people were rescued by lifeguards in Whitby at the weekend after getting caught out by unpredictable rip currents.

A dozen people were rescued from the sea at Whtiby at the weekend Picture: Marisa cashill

A surfer, who was dragged into the rip, was the first to be rescued by senior lifeguard Agustin Lanzavecchia, who was patrolling the water between the red and yellow flags.

Mr Lanzavecchia brought the casualty to shore safely using the rescue board.

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He remained in the water throughout the day and rescued six further casualties on the rescue board with the help of fellow lifeguard Ben Graham.

None of the seven sustained injuries. At around 4pm, also on Saturday, the team rescued five swimmers after a rip current appeared next to Whitby pier half a mile from the lifeguard unit.

Mr Lanzavecchia took control of the rescue water craft and returned all five casualties to shore safely.

Lifeguards say rip currents can appear without warning and if caught people should not try to fight them.

Instead of thrashing around they should lean back and float and when their breathing is controlled, call for help or swim to safety.