Moorland Avenue fire Barnsley: Pictures show devastation caused by blaze which ripped through several houses

A number of houses have been devastated by a blaze in South Yorkshire.

The blaze broke out at around 6pm on Moorland Avenue in Barnsley.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is currently at the scene and has urged local residents to close their windows and doors.

A statement from the service said: "One of the many incidents we are currently in attendance at is a number of houses on fire on Moorland Avenue, Barnsley. We know it’s hard, but if the smoke from this fire is heading your way, please try to avoid it through shutting windows and doors."

Local councillor Kevin Osborne tweeted a series of images of the scene Woodland Drive, which backs onto Moorland Avenue.

He said: "Please keep away from Woodland Drive area and let the professionals in this do their thing."

It is not yet known if the blaze is related to the series of fires which have broken out across Yorkshire due to the high temperatures.

Five places in Yorkshire broke the previous record for the hottest temperature recorded in the UK on Tuesday.

The scene of the fires in Moorland Avenue, Barnsley. (Pic: Coun Kevin Osborne)

Sheffield was the first Yorkshire location to break the record, with a reading of 39.4C at 13.59.

Ryhill in West Yorkshire saw temperatures rise to 39.1C at 14.01.In Leeming, North Yorkshire, the heat rose to 38.8C at 14.57.

At 15.02, a temperature of 38.9C was recorded in Bramham, West Yorkshire, followed closely by Topcliffe in North Yorkshire where the mercury spiked at 39.6C at 15.08.