Naked, Alone and Racing To Get Home: Who is Yorkshire former Playboy model Chrissie Wunna who dated Joseph Fiennes?

Doncaster model Chrissie Wunna will be representing Yorkshire in the new TV show as the only northern contestant.

Chrissie Wunna. (Pic credit: Imperial Artists Agency)
Chrissie Wunna. (Pic credit: Imperial Artists Agency)

The show will air from October 6 on E4 at 9pm and will feature the Doncaster model, who will be joining other strangers as part of the challenge.

What is the show about?

The show Naked, Alone and Racing To Get Home will see strangers in pairs cut off from all of their money, all digital platforms, phones and stripped of all of their clothes.

They are left in a countryside where they have to race across the rural village and whoever reaches the finish line first, wins money for a charity which they get to choose.

Who is Chrissie Wunna?

The model is of Burmese decent and was born and raised in Doncaster to doctor parents. She is currently living in Leeds.

She began working as an actress and model for Playboy in 2003, when she moved to LA and lived there for six years.

She previously dated British actor Joseph Fiennes, who starred in the 1998 film Shakespeare In Love, and American Wild Things actor Matt Dillon.

Chrissie admits that she thought it would be the most ‘terrifying thing ever’ being on the E4 show.

“Yet, then I thought that life is all about living outside of your comfort zone and overcoming your fears,” she said.

“I wanted to go [on the show] to challenge [myself] and make memories. Once I thought about it that way, I was elated, excited and I just couldn’t wait! The show sends out a great message and I’m so honoured to be a part of it.”

Chrissie has appeared on the daytime TV talk show Steph’s Packed Lunch, Channel 4’s First Dates and Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend.

In 2020, she joined the cast of the popular Amazon Prime UK and US series ‘A Series of Light’ by Gage Oxley for season two as homicide detective Jackie Lambert.

Chrissie is represented by Robert Fucilla at Imperial Artists Agency, who also represents actors Luke Goss, Matt Goss, Eric Roberts, Stacey Dash, Corey Feldman and Orlando Jones.

You can watch Chrissie on Naked, Alone and Racing To Get Home on E4 9pm on October 6.