New pictures of 1991 Lamborghini Diablo in pristine condition before it was damaged in Top Gear crash in the Yorkshire Dales

A car restoration expert from Sheffield has released pictures of a rare 1991 Lamborghini Diablo a day before it was damaged in a crash during Top Gear filming.
The Lamborghini Diablo just after work on it was completedThe Lamborghini Diablo just after work on it was completed
The Lamborghini Diablo just after work on it was completed

Top Gear presenter Paddy McGuinness was at the wheel of the retro supercar when it skidded and left the road on the B6255 near Ribblehead in the Yorkshire Dales in June.The extent of the damage to the car was not released at the time, but now Andrew Reynard has revealed that he and his firm Atom Detailing had only completed £3,000 worth of work on the Lamborghini on behalf of its owner 24 hours before it was loaned to Top Gear for the filming.

Mr Reynard spent five days working on the car and found out about the crash after seeing footage of the aftermath on Snapchat posted by drivers passing the accident scene.

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The car was in 'pristine condition' when it left after being thoroughly cleaned and serviced, according to Mr Reynard.

He said he couldn’t believe his eyes and was devastated for the owner, who was 'no doubt absolutely gutted'.

He said: “I felt awful for the owner who was completely gutted. He barely drove it and I’m sure he’ll be even more anxious to let anyone drive it now.

“It must have been devastating - and no one wants to crash such an iconic car.”

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The Diablo is believed to be the first of its kind and the model showcased at the 1992 Geneva supercar show.

“I was so excited to have this Lamborghini come into my shop because it’s such an iconic car but also because when Top Gear rings you it’s something special.

“The owner was afraid of stone chips and wanted us to make sure the car was protected - which is a bit ironic when you know what happened.

“Nothing we could have done would have protected the car from crashing into a ditch.

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“It’s the poster car of its kind and it’s the model that was showcased at the Geneva Convention when it was first made.

“It’s a truly stunning piece of machinery and it’s awful to see it crash like that.”