North Yorkshire Police officer who disarmed knife-wielding man in Scarborough restaurant nominated for bravery award

A police officer who disarmed an armed thief who was threatening families dining in a Scarborough restaurant has been nominated for a bravery award.

PC Laura Kelly and her partner at Downing Street for the reception

PC Laura Kelly was one of 93 nominees at the Police Bravery Awards this year and enjoyed a trip to Downing Street with her partner for a ceremonial reception.

PC Kelly was on patrol alone when she was called to pursue a suspect armed with a knife and spotted a man matching his description trying to mingle among customers in the unnamed restaurant.

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CCTV showed the moment PC Kelly went over to speak to the man, being unsure of his identity, and engaged him in conversation.

She was taking his details when she spotted a knife blade in the sleeve of his jacket, While she was radioing for back-up, the man pulled the knife and began threatening diners.

The officer shouted for customers to leave the premises while moving towards the suspect, pushing tables and chairs in his path and using her PAVA incapacitant spray to distract him.

The building was safely evacuated and the man was arrested by her colleagues shortly afterwards.