Owl pictured soaring through air with live prey in Yorkshire - a moment rarely captured on film

An owl has been caught on camera soaring through the air with its prey still alive in its talon - a moment rarely captured on film.

These eye-capturing shots show a seldom-seen long eared owl with a vole in its grip.

The owl can be seen landing in a tree then biting the neck of its prey.

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Wildlife photographer and soundtrack composer David Robertshaw, 41, snapped the "incredibly unique event" on July 11 at Denholme, West Yorkshire.

The owl and the voleThe owl and the vole
The owl and the vole

The father-of-two said: "Seeing a long eared owl is rare enough - it is one of the most elusive in the UK - but to see it catch its prey still alive is amazing!

"I saw a long eared owl grab a vole and fly to a nearby tree with it, I watched it in the tree and noticed the vole was still wriggling around and appeared to be still alive, the owl then bit it on the back of the neck before flying off with it.

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"This event happened so quickly - almost what felt like 100 miles an hour - it caught me by complete surprise.

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The owl in a tree with its preyThe owl in a tree with its prey
The owl in a tree with its prey

"Fortunately I had my camera with me on my walk and was able to get a few snaps.

"Long eared owl’s are incredibly elusive. To see one flying with a vole that must have been alive at the time is something I’m sure I’ll never see again."

You can view more of David's photography work on his instagram @wildvalleyphotos

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