Seven-year-old Yorkshire schoolgirl who loves Def Leppard hopes to ‘be in a rock band’ after representing Britain in global drumming competition

At only seven years old Anabell, from Yorkshire, is already making her mark in the music industry as a talented drummer.

Anabell, who lives in Doncaster, has been passionate about rock music from a young age and began playing the drums at four years old.

She said: “My favourite thing about drumming is making people smile and being creative.

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“I also love the crashing and banging sounds that the drums make, that’s why I love rock so much.

Anabell Tang first wielded drumsticks aged four

“My three favourite bands are Queen, Nirvana and Def Leppard and my favourite drummer is Neil Peart from Rush.

“I’d like to play like him one day.”

Anabell’s greatest achievement with her drumming talents is participating in the national drum competition, Drum-Off. Anabell competed against other young musicians and won a place in the global event with a four minute solo entry she composed herself.

She said: “One day I’d like to be in a rock band and go on tour as a drummer.”

The seven-year-old schoolgirl loves bands like Def Leppard and Metallica

Anabell’s mother, Abby commented: “I’m so proud of her for all she’s done and her attitude towards everything.”

The schoolgirl plans to compete in person for Drum-Off this year, with both the national and global events held online due to the pandemic last year.

Going on to earn more than six sponsorships for her drumming talents, Anabell seems set to succeed in what is typically a male-dominated industry of rock music and drums.

Abby added: “It’s not something that puts Anabell off, she’s so confident in what she’s doing that I don’t think it’s on her radar.”

Anabell’s appreciation for heavy metal comes from her mother’s own music taste, with Abby playing Metallica and ACDC throughout Anabell’s childhood.

Abby said: “The type of music she likes is definitely my influence, I’ve played it to her for years now and it seems to have rubbed off.

“It’s great for me because when she practices, I like all the songs she plays. She reminds me of a little Keith Moon.”

Brad Clifford, Anabell’s drum teacher of three years commented, “I see a very promising future for Anabell and can’t wait to see what she gets up to in the next few years.”