Sheffield couple who met at city's Grand Hotel mark 70th wedding anniversary, say key to marriage is enjoying "a little drink together"

A Yorkshire couple who met as children in the 1940s have celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

Dennis, 89, and Maureen, 88, hit it off and enjoyed a whirlwind romance before tying the knot in 1951.

Dennis and Maureen Wilson first met as teenagers while working at the Grand Hotel in Sheffield where they were both earning a modest wage at the time.

During their time at the hotel, it hosted a number of iconic names, including Winston Churchill, Princess Anne, the Beatles and Manfred Mann.

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Dennis, now 89, and Maureen, 88, enjoyed a whirlwind romance before tying the knot in 1951 and having two children a short time later.

Dennis and Maureen Wilson met as teenagers while working at the Grand Hotel in Sheffield,

Dennis eventually became head porter of the Grand before moving on to a number of other hotels, while Maureen continued to work in the same industry.

The couple, who have three grandsons, two great-grandsons, and two great-granddaughters, say they have enjoyed "wonderful" lives.

On April 7, they were "delighted" to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary with a few friends and family.

Speaking about his lengthy relationship, Dennis said: "Being dedicated to each other and helping each other is very important.

The couple have three grandsons, two great-grandsons, and two great granddaughters.

"Patience and enjoying the present is key as well."

He added: "Having a little drink together and a sense of humour has helped as well."

Dennis added that the relationship hasn't been without its difficulties over the years, yet the couple have always been madly in love.

He added: "It wasn't always easy going, especially in the early days, but even so we managed to buy our own house and take the children on holiday.

"Now that the youngsters are older, being able to go out together to the pub has been most enjoyable."

Sadly, Maureen suffers from dementia and, in recent years, Dennis has spent most of his time looking after her.

He said: "My main priority is taking care of my wife."

Dennis added that doing the little things over the course of many years can result in a couple enjoying a long and happy life together.

Offering advice, he said: "If you have kids make sure you keep them happy.

"If you can afford it then keep control of the bills, that's important."

Dennis advised people not to "spend too much" money, and said that if they like to bet then they should try to only have a "flutter" on the Derby.

Sadly the couple's son David passed away a number of years ago at the age of 48, but their daughter Sue Lloyd lives close to them in Sheffield and sees them most days.

She said: "My mum and dad are amazing, they're a wonderful example to other couples.

"Hopefully people can hear a few of my dad's tips and learn from them."

Sue added: "I have lots of great memories as a family, of spending time together and going on holiday.

"They gave me a great childhood."