Sheffield EDM musician Richard H Kirk who was famous for 1970s band Cabaret Voltaire dies at 65

Richard H Kirk released multiple types of electronic dance music under 40 different pseudonyms.

Richard H Kirk was one of the founding members of the band Cabaret Voltaire. (Pic credit: Mute Records

The musician from Sheffield died on September 21, which was announced on Twitter by his record label, Mute Records.

“It is with great sadness that we confirm our great and dear friend, Richard H Kirk, has passed away,” Mute said.

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“Richard was a towering and creative genius who led a singular and driven path throughout his life and musical career. We will miss him so much.”

His friend and fellow band member, Stephen Mallinder, also paid tribute to the musician: “I’m shattered. My Cabs music partner, and often sparring partner, difficult to live with but impossible not to love.

“Stubborn, no sufferer of fools, but insightful, spontaneous, and with vision… and underneath the spiky shell a warm heart. I’m truly devastated. RIP Kirky.”

Kirk was born in Sheffield and played the guitar, keyboard, saxophone, clarinet, electronics and sampler.

It was he and fellow Sheffield local, Chris Watson, who formed the band Cabaret Voltaire in 1973.

The band started from an experimentation with electronic devices to create music without musical instruments. Mr Watson was inspired by the tech savvy Brian Eno who was a member of the band Roxy Music.

The band influenced the techno, electronic and dance music movement. Kirk released his first album as a solo artist in 1980 called Disposable Half-Truths and continued carving his solo career alongside the band until they broke up in 1994.

During the 1990s, Kirk’s solo career soared considerably and he went on to release multiple types of electronic dance music under 40 aliases including: Agents With False Memories, Sweet Exorcist, Anarchia, Biochemical Dread and Electronic Eye.

He brought the band back together in 2014 as the sole remaining member.

Cause of death has not been confirmed.