Stunning video taken from a glider's cockpit shows Yorkshire Wolds from the air at 2,000ft

It's the Yorkshire Wolds as you've never seen them before.

The Wolds Gliding Club, based at Pocklington Airfield, invited Yorkshire Post photographer Bruce Rollinson into the cockpit of a glider to mark their 50th anniversary.

Gilders typically cruise at an altitude of 4,000-6,000ft in the summer, though they can fly much higher depending on the thermals.

They can also cover long distances - experienced pilots will often rack up hundreds of kilometres in a day's flight, landing at another airfield or in a farmer's field if they are unable to reach their home base.

The former RAF Pocklington - a WW2 bomber base now used by Wolds Gliding Club

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Wolds Gliding Club is based at what was once RAF Pocklington, a busy World War Two bomber station.

It has 160 members, including a 93-year-old who still takes to the air regularly.

They told the Yorkshire Post that learning to glide is surprisingly easy - and 'anyone who can ride a bike can do it'.

A light aircraft begins towing a glider

Many aspiring commercial and RAF pilots take up gliding as their first foray into aviation, and former Wolds members have gone on to work for major airlines.

A glider can travel hundreds of miles on just one tow
The glider reaches 2,000ft