The Railway Children superfan transforms living room into iconic Oakworth Station

It is a film which evokes nostalgia, a time of innocence and an all-round sense of wellbeing.

The Railway Children, filmed in West Yorkshire in 1970 and set in Edwardian England, has been a true classic of British cinema, forever synonymous with actress Jenny Agutter, who will always be known to her adoring fans as Bobbie.

And to the delight of fans of the original film, a sequel has been released, The Railway Children Return, which is out in cinemas now, 52 years after the first film was released.

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It features Ms Agutter reprising her role as Bobbie, now a grandmother, with Sheridan Smith as her daughter, Annie, as the pair host refugees from Manchester evacuated to a Yorkshire village during the Second World War.

Superfan Marcia Mc Tellerey

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The Keighley and Worth Valley was famously used for filming in both films, with the railway playing an integral part of the plots.The premiere for The Railway Children Return was held at Keighley Picture House Cinema at the beginning of this month, with members of the cast boarding a train at Oakworth Station in Haworth for the trip to Keighley.

For Railway Children superfan Marcia Mc Tellerey, it was a fantastic moment - because she has a front room which looks just like the Waiting Room of Oakworth Station.Three years ago, when she moved into her one-bedroom council house in Huddersfield, Ms Mc Tellerey noticed the living room window had one like that from the station.

And that sent the 52-year-old on a mission to transform the room into a replica of Oakworth Station waiting room to stunning effect.

Picture by Simon Hulme

The collector and artist, who has health problems which means she struggles to leave the house, decided to use the opportunity to create her own journey at home with her own Oakworth station.

She themed the room in her ex-mill house, built in 1852, on the waiting room with nostalgic touches to make it more authentic.

Explaining her idea, Ms Mc Tellerey said: “I thought, why not?

“We went down and tried to get the paint work as near as possible so it was a replica.

Marcia Mc Tellerey has done out her living room like Oakworth Station from the Railway Children, Huddersfield

“I collect things as well so it goes along with it.”

Ms Mc Tellerey collects memorabilia such as dolls, trains and toys, and even has an indoor garden as she doesn’t have an outdoor one.She is also currently creating doing a paintwork of the original film.

She said her living room may have originally appeared old fashioned, but is now is on trend due to the release of the new Railway Children film.“I’ve been living like that for a while,” she said.

“It’s wasn’t in vogue until now with the new The Railway Children film.”

Marcia Mc Tellerey