The volunteers helping people flee war in Ukraine, the Charley Mann crime novels being turned into a TV series and more - Five long reads from The Yorkshire Post features team this week

Here's a look back at five long reads from The Yorkshire Post features team this week, in case you missed them.

Pair's eco cleaning drive

They started making eco-friendly cleaning products in their tiny Burley-in-Wharfedale garage four years ago, but now a young Yorkshire couple run one of the fastest growing zero-waste cleaning brands in the UK.

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Shocked by the amount of plastic pouring into the world’s oceans, Emma Tapper and Scott Rudd, both 25, developed their own range of eco cleaning products which they sell in reusable bottles and glass containers.

Emma Tapper and Scott Rudd developed their own range of eco cleaning products which they sell in reusable bottles. Picture: Simon Hulme

Gentleman Jack is back

The eagerly-awaited second series of Gentleman Jack returns tonight (Sunday, April 10), inspired by the diaries of Anne Lister, one of the most formidable women of Halifax’s past.

Set in 1834, the series follows regency landowner, industrialist and avid traveller Lister, who is widely regarded as “the first modern lesbian”, as her lover Ann Walker moves in with her at Shibden Hall.

Niall Gordon with the bus he drove to help people evacuate Ukraine.

Here, creator Sally Wainwright and stars Suranne Jones and Gemma Whelan talk about filming the show and what’s in store this series:

Crime thrillers to become TV series

RC Bridgestock’s crime thrillers are written by a husband and wife team who worked for West Yorkshire Police.

Bob and Carol Bridgestock, who write crime novels together. Photo: Joan Russell

The writing journey has been a cathartic but exciting one for Bob and Carol who have brought excitement and drama to people’s lives, based on their own experiences. Now their novels are to become a TV series.

Inspirational tale of jazz musician

‘Genius’ jazz musician Matthew Coe, aka Xero Slingsby, had fans in clubs across Europe and on the streets of Leeds.

Matthew Coe playing after surgery. He performed almost right up until his death. Picture: Denis Dalby, supplied by Sally Coe and Robert Crampton.

Approaching 40 years since the formation of the band Xero Slingsby and The Works, with whom he enjoyed the most success, Coe’s story is being turned into a documentary film celebrating his life and work.

Volunteers help Ukrainians to flee conflict

The total number of people who have fled Ukraine since war there began in February now stands at more than four million.

A collective of volunteers has been helping a number of them, independently operating a 56-seater ‘Bus For Peace’, providing a vital route to safety for Ukrainians who have no other means to flee the country.

Niall Gordon, who lives in Sheffield, spent four weeks driving the bus. He and fellow volunteers speak here about the rescue mission: Ukraine: The Sheffield volunteers supporting efforts to evacuate Ukrainians

Gentleman Jack returns for a second series this week. Photo: Lookout Point/BBC