These are the nicest Yorkshire celebrities readers have ever met

From acting royalty to global rock stars, Yorkshire is certainly not short of famous faces, so we asked you about the nicest celebrity encounters you've ever had.

Star Trek star Patrick Stewart
Star Trek star Patrick Stewart

The Yorkshire Post readers shared their best celebrity experiences in Yorkshire, from kicking a ball with Leeds United legends and cycling alongside an Olympian to stroking Brian Blessed's beard.

Read on for more - and let us know if we've missed any!

Leeds United alum

"Not sure if they were all technically Yorkshire lads but when I was 8 or 9 I played soccer at Elland Road training ground (the field next to the stadium) with Bille Bremner, Jack Charlton and Eddie Grey…if memory serves they had stepped outside for a smoke(!) and they kicked a ball around with us for a few minutes." - Kevin Fisher

Jonny Brownlee

"He caught me up near Eccup and as we were heading in the same direction we had a ride and chat for about 10 kms." - Andrew Hepworth

Michael Parkinson

"Michael Parkinson! Sat with us for almost an hour in his pub, he's Barnsley born I believe, true gentleman!" - Mary Green

Robert Lindsey

"Robert Lindsey (actually from Derbyshire) didn’t have anybody to go on a roller coaster in Bridlington and asked me to go on with him I was about 12 and dint know who he was , he said I’m a bit famous you know." - Julie Anne Maxwell

Brian Blessed

"Brian Blessed at Doncaster Airport, he was doing a survey, chatted with my elderly mum, who was in her wheelchair, she stroked his beard, he was lovely. Mum was thrilled." - Shirley Willis

Patrick Stewart

"Met him in Skipton library, a real gent." - Adam Hollings

'On the Farm' stars

"Rob and Dave Nicholson from Cannon Hall farm .. great guys" - Liz Hopwood

"Rob and Dave Nicholson ..Cannon Hall farm. Really lovely guys." - Val Roebuck Dootson

David Bradley

"David Bradley whose been in Doctor Who. Game of Thrones (Walter Frat) Harry Potter (Filtch) to name a few. A really lovely humble down to earth bloke." - Lisa Holliday

Jim Carter

"Jim Carter. Saw him at the Harrogate train station, lovely man!" - Sara Fisher O'Bryant

Paul Reaney

"Paul Reaney, a true gentleman." - Lynda Salmon

Brian Turner

"We met BT at a show, he was round the back getting ready to cook, he asked me if I was a good cook, to which Susan replied, no Brian he's more a ready steady eat person." - John Swinden

Chris Hannon

"Chris Hannon, pantomime dame extraordinaire, is a fabulous kind and funny guy. Also appeared in children's TV programme Topsy and Tim." - Janet Bucknall

Roy Castle

"Roy Castle, incredible guy who did a conference for me. A fabulously helpful person and a wonderful person to work with!" - Mike Gough

"I remember Roy Castle as a teenager at my uncles Queens Theatre at Cleveleys. He went on to work with Jimmy James and never looked back. He was a lovely kid." - Sue Smith-Twentyman

Josh Warrington

"Josh Warrington, such a grounded lad." - Scott Cooper

Sheridan Smith

"Had a dance with her in my local club lovely lady" - Susan Thompson

Bob Haigh

"Bob Haigh he used to play for Leeds Rugby. A Gentleman and a good friend to my dear old Dad." - John Bywater

Geoffrey Smith

"Years ago and it was the Gardener Geoffrey Smith. He hadn't been tempted by Celebrity and was going back to his Garden after opening the Garden Party. He was so genuine and down to earth. I can hear that booming laugh even now." - Rachel Demain

Sean Bean

"Saw him in keighley filming an episode of Sharpe back in the 90s. He was in full costume but had the decency to stop and talk to a few fans who had gathered to see him. Proper Yorkshire lad." - Damyan Foster

Marti Caine

"I met Marti ,she was a lovely funny lady" - Maggie Elliot

The Chuckle Brothers

"Lovely guys" - Kay Allen