Things only people from Yorkshire say, according to hilarious Reddit thread

Fans and foes of us Yorkshiremen and women shared their views in a hilarious debate on an online forum about things that only the people of God’s Own Country say.

The Reddit thread, entitled ‘People from Yorkshire who think being from Yorkshire is a personality trait’ was started by user James_89 and has since received over 500 comments with lovers and critics of the region’s people contributing.

James_89 began the discussion with: “You don't have to say the phrase "As a Yorkshireman..." every time you give your opinion on something, Steven”

To which user ViKtorMeldrew replied: “As a born Yorkshireman James, I have to tell you you are missing the point, and that classing oneself as a Yorkshireman is a state of mind.”

Things people say about Yorkshire folk

User HotshotRaptor confirmed this.

“You can’t take the Yorkshire from the Yorkshireman.”

Evenstevens280 said “As a Yorkshireman” he felt “attacked” by the debate mocking Yorkshire people.

Whereas a non-Yorkshireman AtJackBaldwin replied:”In Yorkshire, concrete jungle where dreams are made…”

One user ImOverThereNow asked: “I've heard that in crowds a Yorkshire person will often chant at slightly above ambient level ‘Yorkshire... Yorkshire’ and await the same response.

“Is this true?”

Reddit user NoTrain1456 added: “As a Yorkshireman I can tell you that you'll know you’re sat next to a Yorkshireman, why? Cos he'll tell you.”

ThomasDankEngine1 said he’d learned as a half-Yorkshireman that you aren’t from Yorkshire unless you tell everyone you meet.

Somegeezer who is from Yorkshire said: “If you're sat next to a Yorkshireman, likelihood that you're in Yorkshire. Needless to point out the obvious.”

But WowSuchTurtle from West Yorkshire said there’s a “lot of anti-yorkshireness here lately.”

The debate caused rifts among regions.

Dayoneofmanymore retorted: “Lancashire has finally got t'internet.”

Notagain78 replied: “As a Yorkshirewoman that made me snort-laugh.”

HenryFromYorkshire replied to the original post, joking: “I've noticed that a bit too! I love Yorkshire, but I don't go on about it every five minutes, only every hour or so.”

Takesthebiscuit from Aberdeenshire threw in all the stereotypes to reply to the original comment: “No real Yorkshireman would ever leave Yorkshire.

“Steve, you might own a flat cap and a whippet. But you drive a white Range Rover and live in Essex.

“Your status as a Yorkshire man is revoked.”

The heated debate continued inside the British Problems Community in which users are encouraged to “only whinge if it makes us chuckle.”