War memorial repaired after conscientious residents secure loose nameplate with rope

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) workmen have secured a plaque at the side of the war memorial on Quay Road after it came loose last week.

The war memorial has now been repaired after residents used rope to secure a bronze plaque on the momument.
The war memorial has now been repaired after residents used rope to secure a bronze plaque on the momument.

Some Bridlington residents noticed that a bronze plaque was flapping around in the wind on Monday, ahead of Storm Arwen, and decided to spring into action.

One of the conscientious residents, Nick Gilvey, went into a shop on Prospect Street to purchase some rope which temporarily secured the nameplate on the memorial.

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Mr Gilvey and another resident then made some phone calls to see who was responsible for the upkeep of the memorial and eventually were guided to ERYC.

After initially struggling to make any headway with the council they eventually delivered the message.

Mr Gilvey said the wood behind the plaque had deteriorated and the screws were no longer holding the nameplate in place.

Council workmen went out to the memorial to secure the plaque later in the week.

Mr Gilvey said: “Myself and my wife Rose were going into town to do some shopping and she has a couple of relatives on the memorial called the Greshams.

“We went to take a look and noticed there were pieces of plywood on top of the wreaths.

“I thought they were there to stop the wreaths blowing away but on closer inspection we saw that one of the panels was coming away from the monument.

“We went into Yorkshire Trading, bought a length of rope, and tied it around the monument to stop the panel flapping around.

“The monument looked like it had work done in the past which could have been done better. It was not a great refurbishment with modern materials which haven’t worked well with the original memorial materials.”

The other resident, who did not want to be named, said: “Earlier this month there were hundreds of people gathered around the memorial for Remembrance Day, yet I struggled to get any joy with the council. It felt like no one was really interested.”

Ahead of the workmen going out to the war memorial an ERYC spokesman said: “We are aware of this loose panel on the Cenotaph in Bridlington and will arrange for repairs to be carried out as soon as possible.”