Watch video showing fire spreading across crops as Yorkshire firefighters tackle huge blaze

Wildfires erupted across the country on the hottest day on record earlier this week.

After North Yorkshire Fire Service declared a ‘major incident’ Tuesday (July 19), Harrogate Fire Station has now shared shocking footage of one of the wildfires it attended to.

The station tweeted: “Harrogate fire crews were very busy yesterday fighting fires.”

The footage shared by Harrogate Fire Station on the social media platform shows flames ripping through a standing crop in a field near Marton Cum Grafton - a village between Boroughbridge and Knaresborough in the Harrogate district.

The tweet said: “Due to the extremely dry conditions the fire caught hold of four fields very quickly.

“The wind direction kept changing making the conditions challenging. Crews helped from Knaresborough, Ripon, Acomb and the water bowser from Tadcaster.

“Crews worked hard in the extreme heat to extinguish the fire using hose reel jets, main branches and beaters.

“As you can imagine, the ground is tinder-dry at the moment making it easy for fire to spread quickly. So please do be careful if you are out and about. Make sure you discard cigarettes carefully and avoid having barbeques.”

North Yorkshire fire service declared a 'major incident' on Tuesday (July 19)

After a busy day for fire crews across Yorkshire with temperatures topping 40C , North Yorkshire Fire Service tweeted yesterday (Wednesday July 20): “Gosh it was a hot one yesterday! As you know we, like most other fire services around the country, declared a major incident due to the level of demand.

“The good news is we have now stood down this status and have returned to expected levels of demand.

“We would like to thank everyone who assisted us through this extremely challenging time. From our partners who were on standby to assist to our followers who shared messages of support and encouragement.”

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Crops were destroyed by the blaze