Whitby Steampunk Weekend 2021: All the best photos as the quirky event returns to the Yorkshire coast

The Whitby Steampunk Weekend is back.

A group in Wizard of Oz-themed outfits

This weekend marks the first alternative festival of the year in Whitby after its two goth events were cancelled in the spring, and a fabulous array of costumes were on display.

The Whitby event is one of the largest steampunk gatherings in the UK, and is hosted by Whitby Pavilion. The programme includes a retail emporium and live music.

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Photos by Simon Hulme.

Clive Beesley's costume creates its own steam
Robin Coombes and Lucrezia Haynes on the beach at Whitby
Professor Alan Cooper and Gillian Markham enjoy refreshment
Vivian Moore, from Scarborough, is a local attendee
Nick and Donna Leeson, from Sheffield