Will snow reach Yorkshire in the coming weeks? Here are weather predictions for Yorkshire at the end of October

The Met Office anticipates frosty weather across the UK at the end of October with temperatures plummeting and higher areas are likely to see snowfall.

Could Yorkshire get any snow in October? (Pic credit: Simon Hulme)
Could Yorkshire get any snow in October? (Pic credit: Simon Hulme)

Winter may come earlier than expected as the weather is predicted to become colder across the UK - and Yorkshire is no exception.

The Met Office warns that temperatures could plummet by 10C in Yorkshire with a snowfall in some areas.

This means people should be cautious when travelling around this time and keep bundled up when leaving the house.

Senior meteorologist, Greg Dewhurst, at the Met Office told the Daily Mirror: “We’re now entering the time of the year when the change in conditions becomes really noticeable.

“As we enter October, it certainly will get colder. Although snow is not forecast imminently, there is always a real chance in the weeks ahead. It is not uncommon at this time of year.

“We have already seen snow in Scotland, and we could see some in other parts of the UK further down the line.”

Meteorological expert, Dave King, was on This Morning and warned the public that it is going to be extremely cold and very frosty.

People with gas and electricity in their homes were also warned that this could be a tough period as their bills will go ‘through the roof’.

The weather predictions follow the consistent downpour of rain over the last week which have also seen strong winds.