Wireless operator Vilicom connects workers on world's largest offshore wind farm off Yorkshire

Wireless telecoms provider Vilicom has announced it is providing a mobile network for the construction team working 55 miles offshore on the world's largest offshore farm off Yorkshire.

Archive pic: A wind farm off Sussex Credit: Getty Images
Archive pic: A wind farm off Sussex Credit: Getty Images

Ørsted’s Hornsea Two will span an offshore area of 472 km2 and will be made up of 165 8.4MW turbines.

Once complete in 2022, the site - which is sister project to another massive windfarm, Hornsea One - will generate enough clean electricity to power over 1.3 million homes in the UK.

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The 4G network provided by Vilicom should provide a reliable system for contractors and workers to access data and information systems and allow them to keep in touch with their families back home. It will remain in place during the lifetime of the windfarm.

Vilicom’s communication infrastructure will be built and tested in the UK prior to installation on Hornsea 2.

Sean Keating, CEO of Vilicom, said: "We will deploy a fully operational mobile network that spans the entire zone, allowing contractors and workers to have improved wireless access to data and information systems used during construction, as well as the ability to make regular cell calls using personal cell phone equipment.

“Once construction has concluded by the scheduled deadline of 2022, Vilicom systems will remain in place, continuing to provide essential communications for the operational and maintenance staff employed for the lifetime of the wind farm, ultimately aiding the seamless connection of hundreds of thousands of families to a sustainable source of energy."

Patrick Harnett, Senior Programme Director, Hornsea Two, Ørsted said: “Vilicom is a UK supplier who shares our vision on building a more sustainable future. In order to act on climate change, we need to make use of the best technologies available.

“As we build larger offshore wind farms, our colleagues are required to travel further distances. Not only is there a requirement for reliable communication to support our construction technology, but it’s also imperative that our teams are able to remain connected to their families back home."