Woman has arm run over by car while trying to break up fight on Boxing Day

A woman who had her arm run over by a car in Yorkshire is appealing for information to find the driver.

Vicky Keany had tried to break up a fight outside the Strafford Arms on the Bullring in Wakefield on Boxing Day evening, and she ended up being pushed into the path of the vehicle, which then drove off without stopping.

The white car drove straight over her right arm, leaving her in excruciating pain. She was taken to hospital but an X-ray showed there was no broken bones.

However, she suffered extensive bruising which even shows the tyre marks on her arm.

Vicky Keany suffered extensive bruising following the incident

She remains in pain and has been unable to lift the arm since the incident.

The 32-year-old, who lives in the Darnley area, said: "I was just trying to intervene. I was just in shock. A member of the public helped me up anfd the pain was intense. I could not describe how bad it was.

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"It's still very painful. I'm eating paracetamol like there's no tomorrow. I've asked the doctor for something stronger because it's that bad.

"You can feel if you driven over a bottle, so there no way there couldn't have driven over my arm.

"The driver just drove off, he did not know if I was dead or not. He could easily have driven over my head.

"I'm still struggling, I can't even lift my arm up in the air. I can't even tie my hair up myself."

Anyone who may have witnessed the fight or the subsequent road accident is being asked to call West Yorkshire Police with the crime reference number 1422 from December 26.

The incident happened between 8.30pm and 8.45pm.