Yorkshire driver astonished to find uninjured bird of prey living inside grille of their Jaguar after collision

The RSPCA has rescued a bird of prey which ended up trapped unharmed inside the grille of a Jaguar following a collision.

The raptor, later identified as a buzzard, somehow ended up alive and well and sitting inside the car's radiator despite being struck at speed in the Harrogate area.

A hole in the grille shows how the bird entered and miraculously emerged unscathed - and even perched with enough room to stand upright.

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The buzzard had enough room to perch upright inside the grille

RSPCA inspector Claire Little was called by the Jaguar's owner when they found the unexpected stowaway, and she managed to remove it and take it to the wildlife sanctuary run by well-known bird of prey expert Jean Thorpe.

Jean, who was made MBE in 2013 for her voluntary work, runs Ryedale Wildlife Rehabilitation near Malton. She cares for 4,000 animals a year and takes in a range of species, but has become known for her work with injured birds of prey.

She has treated peregrine falcons and red kites that have been found with shotgun wounds following persecution incidents, and even a migratory osprey which became trapped in netting at a trout farm near Driffield.

The buzzard will rest and recuperate following its lucky escape, but as it had no obvious injuries, is likely to be released after a short stay.

A hole in the grille shows how the bird entered the car

In 2018, a York driver discovered a pheasant trapped in the grille of his Volvo which had somehow survived a 25-mile journey to his home from Brimham Rocks unhurt - despite the car itself being severely damaged by the impact. It was released shortly after an RSPCA inspector had examined it.