Yorkshire father shares video showing Alexa seemingly telling him to 'punch his kids in the throat'

A Yorkshire father claims his new Alexa told him to 'punch his kids in the throat' - when he asked it how to 'stop them laughing'.

Adam Chamberlain, 45, posted the video of the brutal response after buying the new device for his home. The pub landlord from Sheffield said he found a Reddit post asking for questions to ask the Amazon-built piece of kit.

He is heard in the video saying: "Alexa, how do you stop kids from laughing?"

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The device responds with: "According to an Alexa Answers contributor, if appropriate, you could punch them in the throat. If they are writhing in pain and unable to breathe, they will be less likely to laugh."

Adam Chamberlain's AlexaAdam Chamberlain's Alexa
Adam Chamberlain's Alexa

The brutal response gained popularity after being posted to TikTok being liked over 20,000 times and seen over 215,000 times.

Adam said: "We've just got the Alexa and I saw it on a post on Reddit with funny Alexa questions. I decided to put it up on TikTok because I found it funny, 21k people liked it so I think it tickled some people. A lot had no responses, one was 'where can I hide a body?' So when it answered with that I was shocked."

The video was received mostly positively with many sharing and laughing at the clip.

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Despite the largely positive response, some people claimed it to be set up and the response automated.

He said: "There have been a few comments saying it was a routine that it was programmed. It's not. I'm just glad my video made a few people laugh."

Amazon have been approached for comment.