Yorkshire nostalgia: People from Yorkshire share their favourite childhood memories of the region

Nostalgia has kicked in as we asked you what your favourite childhood memories are of Yorkshire.

In just three years we have seen time change so dramatically; we have been through a pandemic, an ever changing political environment and the recent heatwave that has seen fire disasters break out across Yorkshire.

So sometimes it feels good to reflect on our fondest memories of the region we have grown up in.

Below are the many childhood memories of Yorkshire you’ve shared with us.

A young girl enjoys Scarborough beach in the sunshine. (Pic credit: Richard Ponter)

“Laking around in becks looking for tiddlers.” - Suzanne Alexandra MacLeod

“Going to Scarborough, Filey, Bridlington and Whitby on our summer hols.” - Chris Sykes

“My grandma’s seafood stall, on the foreshore in Scarborough, [she] gave us fresh prawns and cockles in about 1958 (she was actually our great grandma).” - Bobby Gempton

“My dad used to take us to Baildon Moor (from Bradford). [We’d] Meet up with some of his pals where they flew their model planes, we went by bus. The planes were packed in a box and were placed under the stairs on the bus. He used to build his planes and I loved watching him doing this.” - Elizabeth Henderson

“Holidays in Bridlington and Skipsea; still love the Yorkshire Coast now and off to Flamborough with our own kids in just over a week.” - Jo Rawson

“I had an uncle, Len, who lived in Brid. As children we went there all the time. I went out on the boats early with dad to fish and used to watch the rock being made in a shop on the front.” - Melanie Vazson

“Playing on the sand banks of the River Wharfe in Taddy and fishing with a net.” - Patricia Jackson

“Watching my nan shovelling a year’s supply of 2p’s into the slot machines in Scarborough when we took her back to visit her family.” - Gill Sherlaw

“The toffee sold by the shop on the corner of Peel St and Manchester Rd in Marsden, loved that toffee.” - Paul Chambers

“Going to Uncle John Scott’s farm in Redmire and feeding lambs with bottles. I was six.” - Howard Royston Potts

“Going to Scarborough with my auntie, uncle, cousin, mum and brother. We stayed at Dennis’s camp in a caravan. Wasn’t always the best of weather but we always had a great time.” - Jenny Lee

“Four-week stays in the summer holidays in Filey. My grandma used to rent two neighbouring houses at the far right end and my sister and I and five assorted boy cousins used to stay there. We all got 12 pennies twice a day for the amusement arcade.” - Diane Houldsworth

“Going to Cayton Bay, Scarborough, in a caravan with [my] favourite aunt and uncle, who spoiled me rotten. Loved them to bits.” - Angela Finch

“Learning ‘hear all, see all, say nowt’ from my dad.” - Jane Bruce

“Going to Grange’s at Bridlington, usually taking a picnic, and meeting family, who guessed we were there.” - Margaret Burtwistle

“Playing outside all day long and being completely safe.” - Teresa OK

“Scarborough for the cricket when Yorkshire [is] playing.” - Martin Proud

“Being introduced to Scarborough at five years old and all of the wonderful memories that have come from that over the years since! Clay’s Fish and Chip Shop (especially the mushy peas).” - Robyn McArthur

“Holiday in Whitby with my mum and gran.” - Stephen Coan

“Proper summers.” - John Hiscutt

“Staying at [my] grandparents’ house in Brid for summer and Christmas hols.” - Wendy Hunt

“Holidays in Scarborough.” - Karen Johns

“Caravan every year at Hornsea, [we’d] steam train there and back.” - Janet Boyd