Yorkshire Wildlife Park announces giraffe Behansin has died aged 16

Yorkshire Wildlife Park has announced a popular giraffe which has been at the park for almost 10 years has died.

Behansin deciding to tuck in at the annual animal audit at Yorkshire Wildlife Park in 2015

Behansin was one of four giraffes at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park but sadly died due to deteriorating health and his age.

The park tweeted: "It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Behansin the Giraffe due to deteriorating health at the towering age of sixteen.

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"Yorkshire Wildlife Park has been Behansin's loving home since 2012. Our thoughts are with his dedicated ranger team at this sad time."

In 2016, experts were called into the award-winning park to look the causes of Behansin’s lameness which were believed to be age related illness as well as arthritis. He is now responding well to monthly physio sessions and treatment for his shoulder.

He was treated with state-of-the-art laser therapy machines, normally used to help racehorses maintain peak condition.

The park now has three giraffes living on its site; Jengo, Jambo and Palle.

Giraffes have long been interesting to children and adults alike due to their long necks, but also from scientists due to being extraordinarily well-adapted to their native environments. For example, they have black/blue tongues to stop them from getting sunburnt and a special system of veins in their neck to stop them getting a rush of blood to the head when they bend down.