Pervert made Canada trip to meet girl, 13

A man flew thousands of miles to Canada to meet a teenage girl he had been grooming on an internet chat room.

Security guard Brett Moses, 37, posed as an abused teenage boy named "John Smith" to dupe the 13-year-old girl into agreeing to meet him.

The ruse continued for months after Moses, of Tattershall Close, Hull, was introduced to the girl by her father, who had heard his claims of being beaten and abused.

He flew to Vancouver in June 2005 and took an 11-hour bus journey to meet the youngster in her home town of Grand Forks in British Columbia.

He called her but got no reply so rang a friend of hers instead – but the friend's suspicious parents were unconvinced when they met.

He spun another web of lies claiming he was called Brian Patterson and "John Smith" was his foster son who had been too ill to accompany him to Canada but they called police after he failed to produce any identification. Eventually he confessed, and was detained and deported back to the UK.

Moses has now been given a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, after pleading guilty to sexual grooming at an earlier hearing.

Hull Crown Court heard how Moses first started speaking to the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, in a chat room in 2004.

Felicity Davies, prosecuting, said the girl's father felt sorry for him and the pair struck up a relationship, speaking regularly on the internet and on the phone.

She said: "He would change his identities from a boy to a man while speaking to the girl, creating the sounds of a boy being beaten. The chat also took on a sexual nature with Mr Moses giving details of various sexual acts."

Mark McKone, mitigating, said Moses was socially isolated at the time, had no girlfriend and spent a lot of time at home.