Plane spotted trailing 'plume of thick, black smoke' in skies above Doncaster school

Rossington Tornedale School.Rossington Tornedale School.
Rossington Tornedale School.
A plane has been spotted trailing a plume of "thick, black smoke" in the skies above a Doncaster school this morning.

The aircraft was spotted over Rossington at about 8.45am by a number of concerned eyewitnesses, but it is not clear if the plane was in difficulties.

The plane, described as a "medium sized aircraft" was spotted high above Tornedale Infant School in Gattison Lane in the village by parents on the school run.

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One dad who saw the aircraft said: "It was trailing a big plume of thick, black smoke. One of the children spotted it first and pointed it out.

"I'd say it was something like a private plane. It wasn't a commercial airliner.

"The plane was maintaining the same height and the pilot appeared to be in control, but obviously you don't always see planes trailing plumes of thick smoke behind them."

"It was difficult to see exactly where the smoke was coming from but it was pouring from it."

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The eyewitness said the aircraft continued in the direction of Tickhill.

"Lots of people saw it and were pointing it out," he added.

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