Bus trips in West Yorkshire could be capped at £2 under plans from mayor Tracy Brabin

Bus fares in West Yorkshire could be capped at £2 per trip from September, if plans from mayor Tracy Brabin are approved.

DaySaver tickets on smartcard and through the MCard app will also be reduced from £.5.50 to £4.50.

If the proposals are accepted by the Department for Transport, the £2 fare would be guaranteed for one year, but may have to raise in future in line with inflation, the mayor’s office said this afternoon.

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Ms Brabin described the bus network across West Yorkshire as “fractured, chaotic, confusing, expensive” and said it had been one of her commitments to “reduce fares and increase routes, and also to simplify”.

Tracy Brabin in November 2021

She told The Yorkshire Post: “I know that cost is part of the issue trying to get people on buses.

“I know there's a cost of living crisis and so for this year - it will go up subsequently with inflation - but for this year, a £2 maximum fare.”

She added: “It will be capped at £2.

“It's simple. It's easy to understand.”

The leader of Bradford City Council called the move an “ambitious plan for urgent times” as households continue to be squeezed by the cost of living.

Susan Hinchcliffe added: “Sustaining economic recovery is going to need all our efforts and resources both at regional and national level. Buses are a key part of our economic recovery plans and we will do all we can with the funding available to improve services.”