East Coast and Wold councillor on a mission to highlight support for struggling families

East Wolds and Coastal ward councillor Jane Evison is highlighting the financial support available for struggling families across the area.

East Wolds and Coastal ward councillor Jane Evison.

Cllr Evison said there is help and support for those households experiencing tremendous pressure as household bills rise ahead of delivering a motion at the full council meeting on Wednesday, November 17.

The motion recognises the dramatic rise in the cost of living, which covers energy, food and most other areas of expense affecting the household budget and the need to use every channel available to circulate all information as widely as possible about the support and help available to households who need it.

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Cllr Evison said “Rising inflation is something which is hitting us all and it is affecting everything we do from filling our cars, heating our homes or buying food and household goods.

“We are going into a particularly expensive time of year with winter and Christmas approaching and for some households the pressure of trying to make ends meet will be a big challenge.

“I will be asking to have information about the help, which is available through the council, circulated as widely as possible through the media, town and parish councils and the village hall network.

“We all have a role to play in making sure someone we know isn’t in need of help. People should not have to choose between keeping warm and feeding themselves.”